WordCamp Detroit 2012 Slides – Smart Blogging Tools for Smart Business

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I was happy to be one of the guest presenters at the WordCamp Detroit 2012 Conference held on October 6, 2012!   The event was held at the Madison Building in downtown Detroit and featured an excellent facility for networking and learning!

The actual recording was published on WordPress.TV on October 26th.  Here is the link if you want to view the recording


>> Smart Blogging Tools for Smart Business Presentation <<

Below are my WordCamp Detroit slides on using several great tools to help bloggers manager their blog and their business!

WordCamp Detroit 2012 Presentation

WordCamp Detroit 2012 Smart Blogging Tools for Smart Business
Smart Blogging Tools for Smart Business

Learn how  web-based project management tools can improve your blogging workflow, client management and your overall blogging business.

Full-time and freelance bloggers need simple solutions to capture ideas, plan a blog calendar and manage all the content creation and content promotion for various brand marketing campaigns.

If you are planning content for your own blog or creating content for multiple clients, this session will demonstrate how using these project management tools can improve your blogging business and workflow.

Learning how to use free and low cost project management tools to improve your blogging business is Smart Business!

Click on the presentation image to download the presentation

The tools mentioned in the presentation include:

    • Evernote – a note taking application that ensures you’re never forget
    • Mindjet – Brainstorm, organize and manage projects anywhere
    • Trello– Organize anything, together
    • Asana– Shared task list for teams and the place to plan, organize and stay in sync

I’ve used these tools for several years for project management and blog management applications.  I encourage you to give these tools a try and you’ll quickly see how applying project management tools to your blog is smart business!

Did you find the presentation useful?

If you found the presentation helpful, please comment on the blog post below.  If you’ve used these tools previously for blogging, content management, website development or team collaboration, please share your experiences with these tools.

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I hope to speak again next year!


3 thoughts on “WordCamp Detroit 2012 Slides – Smart Blogging Tools for Smart Business”

  1. Evernote is the best!

    You may also want to check http://www.SpiderScribe.net for a modern mind mapping app – web based.

    Also smartQ (www.getsmartQ.com) – it’s like Trello, though it’s been around longer and has some powerful features like customized ticket fields – I think there is a demo on their website.

    Also, I would add Dropbox – easily accessing files from anywhere… Though Google Drive is growing strong too. Those are “must have” apps.

  2. I’ll check out SpiderScriber…how does it compare to Mindjet or MindGenius?

    Are there any relevant features that make it stand out?

  3. SpiderScribe? VERY simple – I’ve seen 7th graders use it in no time. Connects files, images, calendar events and even Google maps. Plus it’s not a traditional mind mapping – it’s more like concept mapping, since it allows connecting nodes in any way (does not require one central node). So it can also serve as a wall to post pictures, ideas, etc.
    Plus it has a free edition that does everything – other mapping tools are just an overkill for me personally.

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