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Twitter Benefits: What is your ROI on Twitter?

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What’s the benefit of putting your business on Twitter?

You can tweet, re-tweet and follow everyone on #FollowFriday and still not see a tangible return on the investment for your time.

The key benefit of Twitter is not in the pipe dream of “Tweet and Grow Rich” but rather in the professional connections made by asking questions and tweeting relevant responses.

(I refuse to use the now overused phrase “contribute to the conversation”)

Tweets don’t lead to revenue. Tweets lead to connections. Connections lead to opportunities.

Opportunities lead to revenue.

If connections lead to opportunities, how do you make those connections?

Ok.  So you’ve sent out a few tweets and have a few people following you.

You’ve identified a few people who actively share and contribute to your slice of the 140 character deluge of shortened links and hash tags.

Assuming you found some helpful people on Twitter, you likely have more questions that exceed 140 characters.

Now what?

The next step really isn’t that difficult.

Simply send them a tweet and ask if its ok to send them an email.

Assuming they confirm with a direct message or a tweet, send them an email with your detailed questions.  Unless the questions are easily answered, their response will likely suggest a phone call for an easier exchange of information.  In less than 140 characters, you’ve went from being an irrelevant Twitter handle to being a person of interest with a meeting.

(If only pitching sitcoms and gathering venture capital was this easy)

The meeting is the start of the connection that may provide opportunities.  An opportunity may not be immediately available but the point of networking is to build a set of relationships that help you and your network solve problems together.  Remember the original point of the meeting was to answer a few questions not pitch your services.

(That’s just bad manners)

How can all these connections help your business?

Business growth is fueled through relationships.  Sure we have contracts, agreements and other formal legalese to protect each parties interest but at the end of the day, trust in your company and meaningful relationships grow your business.

  • When is the last time you’ve been able to get a hold of a key decision maker or influencer?
  • When is the last time you received free consulting advice?
  • How easy is it for you to interact with thought leaders who work with larger brands and businesses?

Twitter can help make these introductions that help answer these questions.

Using Twitter as a friendly engagement tool, I’ve been successful in making connections with product managers from large technology brands and CEOs from Silicon Valley software companies.   Connections lead to discussions and discussions eventually lead to opportunities.  All of these connections help me improve and build upon my business. These connections all started with 140 characters.

Your Twitter Benefits Networking Checklist

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  • Search Twitter for industry terms
  • Follow twitter handles, search on hash tags and ask a few questions
  • Identify a key contact or expert
  • Send a tweet asking to follow up with the expert
  • Email the expert
  • Have a discussion – offline
  • Find ways to help one another
  • Ask for permission to follow up for additional questions
  • Continue to develop the relationship


Tweet Away.  Make a few connections.  Be helpful.  Foster relationships that generate opportunities.

Opportunities generate revenue…not Tweets.

That’s your ROI.

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  1. It is important that between step 3 & 4. You build up a connections with the person through the use of tweets. Getting the person used to receiving relevant tweets and comments from you is essential.

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