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SEOProfiler Review

SEOprofiler Top 10 AnalyzerI recently gave a presentation on SEOprofiler – an online SEO Tool application that helps website owners get higher rankings in Google, Bing and the Yahoo search engine.  The following 15 minute presentation provides an overview of SEOProfiler and demonstrates why I think it is one of the better online seo tools in the market.


What is SEOprofiler?

A web application that helps you get higher rankings in Google and other search engines.  For the monthly investment, it provides one of the best SEO competition modules I’ve seen in the market today.

My SEOprofiler Presentation

[box type=”note”]Take SEOprofiler for a test drive – Try SEOprofiler for free[/box]

Why Use SEOprofiler?

In the SEO tools space, there are a lot of tools available to help you with search engine optimization.  My two favorite tools include SEOprofiler and Market Samurai.  Market Samurai is a one time cost that helps to identify target keywords, track rank and evaluate the competition.  SEOProfiler is a monthly “software as a service” subscription that helps you manage your SEO campaign, track rank, manage backlinks, spy on the competition and my favorite feature is the Top 10 Analyzer tool.

Key Features Include

Just some of the key features that SEOprofiler supports includes:

  • Rank Tracker – A rank tracking module across the three major search engines with trend charts and alerts
  • Top 10 Analyzer – This tool can be applied on your current websites, competitor’s websites and even used to sell consulting services to prospective clients
  • Keyword research and Competition Keyword Tool – Provides keyword research and a detailed keyword difficulty assessment
  • Link Building and Link Campaign Management – A web-based link building repository including quick starter links and link research tools
  • Automated Reporting – Schedule reports for your sites or your clients using the automated reporting feature

There are a ton of other features in SEOprofiler.  That’s why I encourage you to try it for free!

I only recommend products that I actually use and I’ve found SEOprofiler to be an excellent tool to add to any blogger or consultant’s tool kit who is interested in getting higher rankings.  The Top 10 Analyzer is a powerful analytics tool that helps compare the competition to your site no matter what Google Panda, Penguin or future creature update is released!


Did you find the presentation useful?  Feel free to comment in the blog comments below and I’d be happy to chat further about SEOprofiler.

2 thoughts on “SEOProfiler Review”

  1. Hi Andy, great article. I’m a disappointed new user of Market Samurai given its unreliability and freezing. (The actual tool itself is awesome). Have you used IBP (made by same people as seoProfiler)? I am very close to signing up with SEOProfiler. A final question – would you consider 1 tool that could come close to replacing Market Samurai for keyword research and analysis?

  2. I’m still a fan of Market Samurai although I still struggle with the slower than desired response time.
    Market Samurai’s Competition module is excellent and is still quite fast. For keyword research, I start with Google Adwords Tool and do additional searches in SEO Profiler.
    SEO Profiler Keyword Difficulty tool is also an excellent (and fast) tool. SEO Profiler continues to grow their keyword research database.

    Larger SEO firms use SEO Moz’s suite of tools but I’ve found SEO Profiler’s Top 10 Competition Grader to be more than sufficient to do on-page optimization.
    I’ve even analyzed my Kindle book on Amazon to help with the SEO tweaking so it can be applied to more than just the sites that you own.

    In my tool box, I still leverage Market Samuarai, SEO Profiler and the Google keyword tool for search data.

    You also need to check out SEO Profiler’s link manager. Very useful tool to identify potential link opportunities..but it is still a manual process to get the links.

    In my SEO approach, the tools help provide an advantage, but often I’ll just look to the market leaders in my niche and work with them to post an article in exchange for a backlink.

    Let me know if you have any questions about the tool. Lots of features!


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