Project Management Interview Questions Book & Resume Templates


Prepare for your next job with the Project Management Interview Questions Book & Tool Kit.

The book & tool kit includes:

  • Printable eBook in PDF Format
  • Project Manager Resume Templates – Includes Experienced and Functional Project Manager Resume Templates
  • Resume samples for the experienced PM and for the novice PM seeking their first PM job
  • Mind Maps templates to help prepare your for your next interview
  • A Career Contact tool to help track potential job leads and key contacts during your job search
  • A Project Management Interview Questions Guide for Interviewers and the candidate to study

Get the Project Management Job You Deserve in 7 Easy Steps

Don’t waste time memorizing an exhaustive list of interview questions…

…Learn a simple 7 step process for finding, preparing and passing your next interview

Why you need to read this book

If you are a business professional seeking your first project manager opportunity or you are an experienced project manager looking more senior roles, this book will help you prepare for a successful project management interview.

If you are a project manager looking to interview junior project managers, then this text will help you ask meaningful questions that demonstrate experience in addition to project management competency.

By following the 7 step interview process, you’ll be well prepared for your next interview as well as have a list of job opportunities to pursue.

Interview Strategies … Not Just Questions

Many of the books on the market today simply provide a list of project management questions and suggested answers. Providing a list of questions and responses to memorize and regurgitate is unrealistic and ineffective at best.

This text takes a different approach and provides an interview strategy using a step-by-step approach to identify opportunities, prepare for an interview and successfully pass an interview without memorizing.

Learn how to prepare, find opportunities and pass the interview process

This book will teach you how to prepare your resume, find the right opportunity, pass the initial phone screen and prepare you for your on-site interview and the stages afterward. After following this step-by-step process, you will also have a list of additional job opportunities to pursue in addition to your next interview.

Free interview question templates included

As part of your purchase, you can download a set of interview templates that will help you identify job opportunities and prepare for technical and management related interview questions.

Additional bonus questions included

In compiling this book, I consulted with several project management experts to provide current and meaningful project management interview questions. These questions align with the 7 step process taught in the book.