Card Finder Appendix

Welcome to the Card Finder Tutorial

alexa magic trick

Card Finder is an Alexa skill card magic trick that reveals two card selections.

Go ahead and enable the Card Finder Alexa skill and let’s get started!

The following card sleights are used to perform Card Finder

The Riffle Force

The Hindu Shuffle Force

Mechanics Grip

The standard position to hold a deck of cards when dealing

Pinky Break

A standard technique to maintain a break in a deck of cards

Swing Cut

A useful in the hands cut that sets up the Riffle force

The Hindu Shuffle

A popular way of shuffling cards popular in Asia

The Overhand Shuffle

A basic card shuffle

The Overhand Shuffle Top Card Control

Control the top card during a shuffle

The Overhand Shuffle Bottom Card Control

Control the bottom card during a shuffle

False Cut